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first post: jvrobert wrote: Would it be possible to get this library added to the Nuget gallery?

latest post: R1ussell wrote: This should definitely be on NuGet!

WCF serialization with class field in expression

first post: wurble369 wrote: Hi,I am trying to pass an Expression<Func<x, bool>> across to a WCF...

latest post: matholton wrote: I too am getting this error and would really love to find a solutio...

What is SL got to do with Expression Tree Serializer

first post: st_clouds wrote: There is not much documentation, so I'm just going to ask this poi...

Cannot Deserialize IndexExpression?

first post: LagunaD wrote: As a first test, I tried to serialize and deserialize one of the e...

Serializing captured variables

first post: Gregory1981 wrote: It would be awesome if Expression Tree Serializer could automatical...

ParameterExpression Parsing Results in InvalidOperationException

first post: kcragin wrote: I get this exception occasionally:System.InvalidOperationException:...

latest post: kcragin wrote: Nevermind. I was reusing a serializer across threads by mistake.

New LINQ Provider

first post: TWebster wrote: I just created a new LINQ Provider project, http://linqprovider.c...

how to use this source code?

first post: liminany wrote: my application is wpf c/s program,using EF4 .in client how to use t...

latest post: liminany wrote: i test code the local var has same problem.

where is there source code?

first post: liminany wrote: where is there source code? --sorry i forget click source code se...

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