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Coalesce, condition doesn't round-trip


Assuming the project hasn't been abandoned
and given following:
    class Row
        public string Name { get; set; }
... and:
   Expression<Func<Row,bool>> foo =
            r => ((r != null ? r.Name : null) ?? "").ToLower().Equals("c".ToLower());
... and this serializer:
        var assemblies = new[] { typeof(Row).Assembly, typeof(ExpressionType).Assembly, typeof(IQueryable).Assembly };
        var resolver = new TypeResolver(assemblies, typeof(Customer).Assembly.GetTypes());
        var knowntypeconverters = new[] { new KnownTypeExpressionXmlConverter(resolver)};
        var serializer = new ExpressionSerializer(resolver, knowntypeconverters);
It totally fails to deserialize what has been serialized. I fixed the type lookup in KnownTypeExpressionXmlConverter, but it fails down the road with coercion (?) complain.
Is there a way I configure the serializer so that it round-trips or it's just plain broken?